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Wainwright High School Honor Band

The Wainwright High School Honor band is planning a trip to Spain this year.  These youngsters have volunteered to hanging your coats and making sure you have a snack during intermission.

 Lets support our High School Honor band with a silver collection or a kind word of good luck.

Alberta Provincial Honor Band

We are pleased to recognise two of our Junior High students, Asher Landry and Kalina Roberts who have been selected for the Northern Alberta Provincial Honor Band. They will be in Edmonton March 1-3 along with 100 students from 39 schools practicing and then performing together. It is a great opportunity for two young musicians to meet peers and work with great conductors. Asher is a Grade 9 student and plays the trombone. This is his second year being selected and has been promoted to first trombone. Kalina is a Grade 8 student who plays the flute and this will be her debut with the ensemble. Congratulation to both of you as you represent Wainwright High School!